Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

It's been a lovely sunny day here today, and the snow is melting. Not fast enough for my liking - it's still quite deep where it drifted, but our spring bulbs are fighting through!

Today I started a new quilt, using a lovely set of 3" squares of vintage prints that my friend Jamie gave me about 2 years ago. I've only got 3 more blocks to make, then I can start putting it together. I'll probably spend much of tomorrow working out what order they should go in!

I never posted a TUSAL pic this month. Only 21 days late, but here it is. The layer of dark reds/pinks near the top are from the cherries.

My plan for this evening involves stitching, watching TV and eating some Easter eggs :)

Happy stitching folks xx

Friday, 29 March 2013


I finally finished the cherries last night. What can I say - my last 3 days in work before Easter were exhausting, it really impacted my stitching time. Not that that's a problem - I'm now off work until the 6th, when I fly to Knoxville for a conference - yeah!!!

Anyway, here's a pic of the cherries block:

And of the bellpull so far... grapes next :)

My stitching plans for this holiday and typically vague. I might start a new quilt, I might try and fix that b****y green cardigan I knitted, I might work on my lace, I might do something else entirely. But for now the bellpull has my attention...

Happy stitching folks x

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snowed in (ish)!

It's been unseasonable cold this March, and once again we'd had snowy weather. It snowed steadily all day Friday, and we've had about a foot of snow - hard to tell as it's very powdery and has drifted quite a bit. It's actually not too bad around us - all the main roads are clear and our street is passable, but we decided to hunker down and not bother digging the car out! The garden looks really pretty:

I'm still working on the Cherries block of Fruit Bellpull - On Friday night I finished all of the green. I took this yesterday morning, but never turned the laptop on to share it. I've done about 1/3 of the cherries so far, and I'd like to finish the xs today, and the bs in the next couple of days. So I'm snuggled up on the sofa under my lap quilt in my stitching nest. Poor Eddy, there's never room for him to sit down as I've spread the floss and other essential supplies all over the other sofa seat!

Happy stitching folks xx