Thursday, 23 June 2011

Stitching birdies

Over the last few weeks I've been stitching birds. I started Blackbird Design's Bird in hand - the bird is now complete and I'm tacking the branch he's sitting on:

I've also been focussing on Peacock firescreen - which is beginning to look great. I've not finished the top half yet, but I've probably done about half of the stitching - the bottom half is much less densely stitched:

I'll try and post some more pics tomorrow or on Saturday

Friday, 17 June 2011

A Very Late TUSAL!

Right, I have access to my camera now! Here is a photo of my ORT jar taken earlier this week.

Orts include some from Fruit Bellpull, Peacock Firescreen, Lindsay's giveaway gift and Bird in Hand.

I'm away this weekend, but when I get back I'll post some photographs of my stitching - promise!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Still here, still stitching...

Wow, it's been pretty busy round here lately. I have had time to stitch (a little), but no time to blog - how I miss reading about everyone's crafts, and life in general! Anyway, before I left work at Silly O'Clock (AGAIN) today, I promised myself I'd blog tonight. Of course it didn't occur to me to get my camera out of my lab coat pocket before I left... So there won't be photos. Not even of my TUSAL from 1 June - hey, at least I remembered to TAKE the photo :(

Well, it's nearly 3 weeks since I last blogged, so I ought to at least review my May goals!!! I said I wanted to:

1) Work on at least two xs WIPs YES, worked on lots of different projects - Peacock Firescreen, Pooh birth sampler, Bird in Hand (another new start), Lindsay's giveaway gift, fruit bellpull... I think that's it!
2) Finish knitting my scarf YES - I just need to sew in the loose ends and it's done
3) Start Helene's birth sampler YES
4) Start to stitch something with the lovely goodies Karin sent me from her giveawayNope... really must do this, I am waaaaay overdue (Sorry Karin)
5) Add the borders to my quilt top Nope, not had time to do anything other than admire it!
6) Make some lace YES - I've spent a couple of evenings working on the Bedfordshire Butterfly
7) Start my giveaway prize stitching, now I have the necessary supplies YES, just need to find a suitable backing fabric (I see a trip to the Skep in my near future)

So, what would I like to achieve in the rest of June???

1) stitch on my WIPs
2) resist more new starts, apart from...
3) something from the lovely things Karin sent me!

Happy stitching!