Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Purest Green

This last week or so I've been using lots of green. I'm continuing to knit my green cardigan (most of a sleeve and the collar to go...), and when I've been stitching I've been focusing on Gaelic Banner - which has come on in leaps and bounds!

I am REALLY enjoying this piece - how did I leave it untouched for nearly 2 years???

I also missed a new moon - here's my ORT jar in all it's glory. It was a lovely sunny day today, and the photo came out brilliantly - all the better because it's one of the first photos I've taken with my new iPhone 4. I upgraded from the iPhone 3G, and I can;t believe the difference. I can barely put the thing down....

This week is busy for me - the last week in work before we head off to Oregon for a fortnight. Too much work to do, and too much packing and sorting.... But tonight I'm putting my feet up and stitching!

If anyone knows any good crafty stores along the north Oregon coast, in Portland or Seattle, do let me know ;)

Happy stitching x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

I Heart My Quilt

I finished my first ever quilt!!!!!!

I could just leave this post at that... The quilt is called 'Teacher's Pet', and is supposed to be makeable in just 5 hours. Hmmmm. I fell in love with Moda's Rural Jardin fabrics, especially the duck egg blue at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show 18 months ago. It didn't actually take me that long to do the centre of the quilt top, but then the project stalled while I was doing the borders. For months. Anyway I did eventually finish the top. At which point I felt there was too much pale cream - essentially because I didn't realise the setting triangles were not supposed to be one of the fabrics in the design. So I decided I'd try a little appliqué. And when I did the two big hearts I thought a smattering of little chain stitch hearts would look cute too...

Quilting this on my tiny table was * interesting* - and not quite perfect (hey, it's my first ever quilt), but I am really, really pleased with the result. I finished it on Wednesday, and I've spent most of the rest of the week snoozing under it :)

Last weekend I picked up an old friend:

I last blogged about this on Christmas eve 2009!! I took the photo above as a 'before' photo, although by the time I thought of that I'd actually added a single length of floss to the tendril heading upwards. And then, not much afterwards I realised the leaf on the right was one stitch to high up - so I did a little flogging, and a little restitching, and this is where I'm up to now:

So not a huge amount of progress in 2 years and 3 months, but at least it's not abandoned any more! And I have no idea why I neglected it for so long, as I LOVE stitching it....

I'm off out today - shopping in York with a good friend - to avoid the last day of the six nations. But I plan on picking up my needle this evening - Happy Stitching everyone!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Amazing Framing

Last weekend my parents came to stay. My mum had a big birthday at the end of February, and I'd decided to give her Art Nouveau Peacock for a joint birthday/mother's day present. I've never been entirely happy with any of the framers I've used up here, but clearly I didn't have time to take this piece to my usual framers in Lincoln! Claire on the TW Facebook group had recently got her Fantasy Tryptich framed in Hipperholme, which is about 30 mins drive away, and her photos looked lovely - so I gave them a go - and I was delighted with the results:

The frame was very expensive, but it's the second largest frame I've ever done, and I don;t think I'd have got it much cheaper in Lincoln. Plus the fuel costs were much lower - so I think I have possibly found a new, more convenient framers, which is good. The chaps in the shop were lovely, and turned it around within a week - so I picked it up on my way to meet my parents in Hebden Bridge. Needless to say, my mum was thrilled to bits. And I don;t have the headache of trying to work out where on earth I was going to hang such a large piece!

The weekend was lovely - I absolutely love Hebden, and the fabulous eco-friendly hippy-ish shops there. I narrowly avoided spending a fortune on things I didn't need and couldn't afford, and had a lovely lunch in one of the organic cafes. Our planned walk at Hardcastle Crags was aborted due to heavy rain, so we headed home for coffee and a chat, then went out to the local pub for dinner that evening.

Sunday we went to Abbey House Museum in Leeds, which I'd never been to before. It was really good - a smallish recreated street scene of Leeds in the 1890s(? decade) with lots to look at in the recreated shops, and upstairs a display about childhood and toys - which included some lovely xs samplers. Sadly the photos I took are too dark, so I won't share them!

This week I've been pushing on with Eeyore's problem, and I'm about 1/2 way. It's time for a change, but I think I'll try and finish poor Eeyore off before he gets relegated to the PHD box again...

I'm enjoying quite a crafty weekend - I'll share photos of my progress later. Happy stitching everyone!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Behind the scenes at the museum

This week has been pretty eventful. 2 days off work sick (neither too serious), FAR too much work to do, and (best of all) our latest museum exhibition, part of the You Are What You Ate project. 'The Dark Side of eating' opens today in Pontefract Museum!!! I popped over in the week - it's really weird seeing a gallery part way though change over. All of the structure was there, and Andrew and Dave were busy painting and - wait for it - wall papering!!! Modern museum exhibitions often print their panels onto wall paper, and then just paste them onto the walls!! I took some pics of the work in progress:

The first panel to go up - the introduction!

I'm sure the boys had it looking perfect by last night - I'm popping over again on Wednesday, and will take a few more photos then!

Despite all of this going on, I did find quite a bit of time for my stitching! I've almost finished all of the crochet flowers I've been doing to make a scarf - I've enough yarn left for one more grey flower:

I've also been carrying on with Eeyore's problem. I was actually really enjoying this piece last night! I'm more than 1/4 done, I'd like to get to half way before I switch to another piece - otherwise I'll never finish it!!

Happy stitching!