Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Some stitching

I've not had a huge amount of stitching time in the evenings, but when I have had chance I've been working on FT. The greenery at the bottom of the maid panel is done, and I've started the path:

Fantasy Triptych (c) Teresa Wentzler

Over the weekend we went to Birmingham to see Eddy's parents. Paul is much the same as ever, if a little less responsive. Margaret and I went out for lunch and shopping while Eddy and Paul watched the cricket and Rugby. It was a good job we went shopping, as I'd managed to leave the needle from Mini Greek Island with my emergency stitching in Nottingham last weekend... luckily John Lewis carries decent needles! In the evening we watched more rugby, and I worked on Mini Greek Island:

Mini Greek Island (c) Michael Powell

On Sunday we went out for lunch with Matt, Wendy and Molly, then headed back to Nottingham, where I picked up the Lincoln Cathedral piece again, and finished the trees on the right. Sadly I forgot to take a photo before I left!

With all the eating out that took place over the weekend, I was delighted to lose another lb at ww. Not quite 1.5 stone, maybe I'll manage that at my last weigh in before the holiday.

I'm amazed to see I now have 19 followers - thank you all, and thank you for your comments, they really do make me smile.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Weekend stitching

The itchy fingers hit again this weekend... This weekend we stayed at the flat in Nottingham - Eddy had to work on Saturday. I took Mini Greek Island along with me, but decided to start the piece I'd left at the flat for emergencies - Lincoln Cathedral from Castle Grounds. I think I made a good start:

I think that's about 1/4 of the xs done already!

we had a lovely weekend - on Saturday I had a long overdue hair cut, in the evening we went out for a fabulous curry at MemSaab, then went home and watched a movie. Taken - so bad we took the mickey out of it from the second scene...

Sunday we popped into town and got new phones - I'm now the proud owner of an iphone - and did a few other errands, then had lunch at the Walk Cafe, another favourite Nottingham eatery (I swear, all we do is eat good food!). Then back home to watch the rugby and the grand prix - we recorded the grand prix so we had time to eat lunch. So pleased we didn't give up lunch for the dreadfully boring race!!!

All in all I was amazed when I stepped on the scales at ww. Another 2.5lbs off. Even though I was about 15 points over for the week. I think I must be more active than I think.

Right, off now to watch House and work on FT. More green...

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Itchy fingers....

I don't know what it is, but 2010 is a year of itchy fingers. I just don't feel like working on my WIPs and there are some lovely pieces in my stash which are calling to me...

On Sunday I pulled out Michael Powell's Mini Greek Island 1. Monday night I pulled it out of it's packaging and made a start. This is where I have got to so far:

Mini Greek Island 1 (C) Michael Powell

It's not the most amazing amount of progress for 2 evenings, but I have had some lovely long phone conversations with my mum!

Monday, 8 March 2010


Over the weekend I worked on Wild Thyme Fairy, and now she has legs!

The first time I stitched a DMC flower fairy someone (maybe Phyllis) suggested stitching the skin in petit point, and I love the way it turns out.

We had a busy weekend, lots of errands, but my favourite was buying a new laptop - a Christmas and birthday present from Eddy's Grandad. I've not had chance to do anything much other than surf the web, but I love it so far. I'm trying to organise my files on the desktop before transferring them here, so there's nothing on it yet!! Amazingly I got £20 trade in for my old laptop, which I bought in 2002... due to a minor internal battery issue that particular laptop thought it was still 2002, which could be a little confusing when looking for the most recent version of a file!!

It was WW tonight, and I lost 3lb, making up for the lack of weight loss last week. That's 16lbs or 1 stone 2 since I started, and I'm delighted. Today I wore jeans a size smaller to work :) I seem to have mostly lost weight off my legs. I just hope my belly catches uo soon... I'd like to lose another 5lbs before we go to the States. We'll see.

Thanks to everyone who leaves a comment - I don't say this very often, but I really do appreciate each and everyone.

Happy stitching

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Ornament happy dance

Just a quick post to share my latest happy dance, the sweetheart tree ornament from the 2009 JCS Christmas ornaments issue. This was a fun little project, which stitched up very quickly.

I stayed the same at ww this week, not surprising given on Tuesday we had a curry out with work, Saturday we celebrated mum's birthday with girly shopping (including lunch then a coffee and scone out) and a lovey Italian meal in the evening. If it wasn't for the scone I would have stayed within my points last week, but that took a lot of planning! I couldn't weigh in until Wednesday though, and there was another curry this Tuesday night, where I failed miserably at being sensible!!! So I was pretty chuffed not to have put on. This week is going brilliantly so far...

Monday, 1 March 2010

March goals

Wow, another month has flown by... time for some more goals!

In Feb I wanted to:
1) Finish Knight panel of FT yes
2) start the maiden panel on FT yes - only 2 lengths so far but it counts!
3) finish Postman Pat sampler yes
4) stitch an ornie almost - just need to add a few beads
5) work on a different WIP I did a tiny bit on Wild Thyme Fairy
6) make some lace (not done any for AGES!!) nope
I also stitched Laugharne Castle - so that's 2 HDs this month!!

In March I'd like to:
1) finish the ornie I started
2) stitch another ornie
3) work on FT
4) pick up another WIP
5) MAKE SOME LACE (I mean it this time!!)