Monday, 13 October 2008

A mini happy dance

No, i've not finished a project, but I have finished the xs of the castle in fantasy triptych! I think I'll get cracking with the bs before I move on to tackle trees and rocks...

Sorry the photo isn't great - it's 11.45pm here, and not especially bright!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Stitching photos to share

It has been far too long since I added any photos. I blame to start of term - my students are taking up most of my time, and I'd FAR rather be stitching than surfing the web and blogging in my downtime (when it's limited). Anyway, that does mean I've done a fair amout of stitching!

I never showed any photos of my September startitis pieces, so here they are:

Dracolair's Phoenix - I did get about 50% of the stitching done in September. I thihk this one is a stunner. The fabric is by Stitches and Spice, and is very close in colour to the yellows, but I LOVE it anyway.

Las Vegas, designed by me (ie photo dropped into a cross stitch chart creating program). Not sure how this will turn out. It's stitched over 1 on black. Am I crazy.....

I also started Eyore's Problem, but I've not made any progress since the last photo.

This is Fantasy Triptych at the beginning of the month. I've done quite a bit more, but don't have a more recent photo... maybe I'll post one later...

Thursday, 2 October 2008

October goals

just a quick post today, as I'm pretty busy!

My September goals were:

1) work on FT - yes!
2) start Dracolair's Phoenix (already have done), and get 50% done - yes, probably have about half xs complete now
3) start an obligation piece - either Postman Pat birth sampler or Las Vegas wedding sampler. - started Las Vegas (twice, due to an error with fabric size initially!!)
4) start Barbara Thompson's Peacock - no, but I did find it...
5) start something else. - I also started 'Eyore's problem', which Eddy picked for me from my stash.

So I did quite well for 'September startitis'. I do have photos of them all, but don't have my camera with me. I promise to upload them soon...

October goals:
Well it's TW October on the wagon, so I'll be focusing on fantasy triptych. I also want to continue making progress on Phoenix. So I'll try and stick to them as much as possible this month, and make some impressive progress (hopefully)!