Thursday, 2 October 2008

October goals

just a quick post today, as I'm pretty busy!

My September goals were:

1) work on FT - yes!
2) start Dracolair's Phoenix (already have done), and get 50% done - yes, probably have about half xs complete now
3) start an obligation piece - either Postman Pat birth sampler or Las Vegas wedding sampler. - started Las Vegas (twice, due to an error with fabric size initially!!)
4) start Barbara Thompson's Peacock - no, but I did find it...
5) start something else. - I also started 'Eyore's problem', which Eddy picked for me from my stash.

So I did quite well for 'September startitis'. I do have photos of them all, but don't have my camera with me. I promise to upload them soon...

October goals:
Well it's TW October on the wagon, so I'll be focusing on fantasy triptych. I also want to continue making progress on Phoenix. So I'll try and stick to them as much as possible this month, and make some impressive progress (hopefully)!

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