Thursday, 18 September 2008

September starts

well, I've been pretty busy of late, but most of it has been fun!!

Ed and I took a week off work. We didn't go away, just stayed at home. We did several jobs that had been waiting for a while, went blackberry-ing (is that a word) - I couldn't stitch much that day beacuse my hands were purple, but Eddy's were worse:

We then made a VERY thick and sticky blackberry jam (our first ever attempt - clearly overcooked, but tastes brilliant). We ate lots from our garden too. The best was peas and artichokes. The peas were Bird's Eye, but the artichokes, onion and dill were all home grown. We worked out the artichokes would have cost us £10 in a supermarket. I hope the plants last the winter...

We went to Leeds to the Royal Armouries to see the weapons in films exhibition. We were both a bit spoddy in the LOTR section which was amazing. Reminded me why I wanted to be a costume designer as a teenager (I even looked into it for Uni until I realised that I'm crafty, not creative and imaginative). We also bough curtain poles, which ended up costing a fortune because I'm fussy, and I even made the 3 curtains (hall window, landing window and front door). Now I just need the poles we ordered to arrive and a free weekend to hang them.

I did quite a bit of stitching and started 2 projects, Dracolair's Phoenix and a Winnie the Pooh called 'Eyore's Problem' - it's the Pooh sticks story. I made Eddy pick somehting from my stash (I'm stash only stitching for a while because of the curtain poles), and that piece was his choice.

I just saw a fun 'where have you been' map thing on Sara's blog, here are my travels:

It took me ages to work out where Alaska was on the US map. My biggest problem with the states is I tend to end up in the same place. I've been to Missouri 3 times. Twiced to visit Phil and Amanda, which is very cool, but why did I have to have a conference there too???? Hopefully next year I'll be able to add Chicago - I don't think O'Hare really counts... Of course I'll try and visit Phil and Amanda again too :) I should add that Phil and Amanda have just got the Pooh calendar I stitched for Jack framed and it looks brilliant!

I'm clearly a northern European traveller, but I'm impressed by the lack of gaps... The island in the med confused me, until I realised it was highlighted as part of France... My Geography knowledge is dreadful!

I'm back at work now, term starts on Monday and we meet the students tomorrow. Of course I'm not ready. I worked until 8pm tonight. One day I'll learn...

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