Thursday, 11 September 2008

September goals (a little late this time)

July recap - I wanted to work (and finish if possible):

1) Assisi knot garden
2) Benjamin Bunny
3) wild fairy light
4) Necessities sampler

I actually worked on them all, and finished them all (WFL on the 1 Sept), as part of the Stitching Olympics on the wagon. Amazingly I came joint third in the 'rotation relay', and a 'bronze medal' is on its way to me as we speak... It was such a fun event, and it really focussed my stitching last month.

I also said that Mondays I'd work on FT, and on Thursdays I wanted to make progress with my lace - I woeked on FT every Monday, but only picked up my lace once, due to manic stitching marathon and a hectic few weeks at work.

My September goals are:

1) work on FT
2) start Dracolair's Phoenix (already have done), and get 50% done
3) start an obligation piece - either Postman Pat birth sampler or Las Vegas wedding sampler.
4) start Barbara Thompson's Peacock
5) start somehting else.

Yup, I'm taking part in September startitis on the wagon!!

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