Completed Projects

After the demise of Webshots (as we knew and loved it), I created this page to record all of my stitching finishes. I hope I can find all of my photographs again - thankfully I had a completed project listing on my blog which I can use to recreate this info!

Completed in 2013

My Heart is True Pincushion (Blackbird Designs)

Completed in 2012

Purple Sampler Quilt (my design)

Unicorn from Fantasy Sample (Teresa Wentzler)

Partridge in a Pear Tree (Milady's Needle)

Two Grey Hills (NP Designs)

Summer Iris (Blackbird Designs)

Amish Star quilt (Oakshott)

Let's Get Fancy Scissor Fob (Sweetheart Tree)

 Heartstruck Friends (Midnight Stitching)

 Quaker Pin cushions (Milady's Needle)

 Heartstruck Quakers (Midnight Stitching)

Heartstruck Friends (Midnight Stitching)

 Heartstruck Quakers (Midnight Stitching)

 E scissor Fob

Teacher's Pet quilt

Lincoln Cathedral from Castle Grounds (Needlecraft Centre)

Art Nouveau Peacock (Barbara Thompson)

Bedfordshire Lace motif (Christine Springett)

Christmas Mandolin (Mill Hill)

Bedfordshire lace butterfly (Christine Springett)

Completed in 2011

Pink heart cushion

Knitted lace scarf

Blue socks

Zig zag scarf

A New Beginning (Abbey Lane Designs)

Classic Pooh Birth Sampler (Anchor)

Chenille cable scarf

Crochet corsage

Mushroom (Needle felting experiment)

Bird in Hand (Blackbird Designs)

Bedfordshire Lace sampler (Christine Springett)

Time for Harvest (Blackbird Designs)

Blue fitted cardigan (Twilleys)

Lace bangle ornament

Holiday Holly Biscornu (The Sweetheart Tree)

Hedgerow Birds (Blackbird Designs)

Pink cable scarf (The Skep)

Celtic bookmark (Dover Press)

Bedfordshire Flower (Christine Springett)

Pinkeep (Cherished stitches)

Wild Thyme Fairy (DMC)

Christmas Joy Needlebook (Cherished stitches)

Completed in 2010

Pooh and Eeyore (Designer Stitches)

Joy, Love and Peace (JBW Designs)

Storyteller ornament (Teresa Wentzler)

Holiday Peacock (Courtney Collection)

French Country Star (JBW Designs)

Peace (Blackbird Designs)

Tulip scissor keep (Sue Hawkins)

Lacy scarf (Pam Allen)

Pink cable knit scarf (pattern from the Skep) - I made two of these!

Pink scarf 2

Quilted mat (my design)

Snowdon (Jemini Designs)

Fantasy Triptych (Teresa Wentzler)

Oh Christmas Tree (Charlotte's Web designs)

Winter Sampler (Little House Needleworks)

Sunflower Charms (Blackbird Designs)

Torchon Lace Garter (Biggins)
Santa's Buddies (Angel Stitchin')

Mini Greek Island (Michael Powell Designs)

Dragonfly Pin Cushion (La-D-Da)

Holly Ornament (Sweetheart Tree)

Laugharne Castle (Home Handicrafts)

Peacock Heart (freebie)

Postman Pat birth sampler (designed by me)

Winter Song (Blackbird Designs)

Pomegranate and Pear Stitches (Jeanette Douglas)

Completed in 2009

Byzantine Ornament 1 (Teresa Wentzler)

Norwegian Reindeer (Scandinavian Stitches)

Swedish Hearts (Scandinavian Stitches)

Black beaded necklace (Spellbound Beads)

Waiting for Ships (Mirabillia)

Birth Band for Hugh (The Drawn Thread)

Blossoms and Blackbirds (Little House Needleworks)

Coffin Buzz (Plum Street Samplers)

Snowflake (Mill Hill)

You were hatched (Teresa Wentzler)

Wedding Day (Elliot & Buttons, by Anchor)

Bedfordshire lace heart (Christine Springett)

J'taime (The Drawn Thread)

Birth Band (The Drawn Thread)

Golden Tree (Anchor Quickie)

Motif (Milanese Lace, Read & Kincaid)

Sonata (Abbey Lane Designs)

Phoenix (Dracolair)

Completed in 2008

Candy Cane Dragonlet (Dragon Dreams)

First Snow (The Drawn Thread)

Reindeer (JBW)

Snowflake ornie (based on a Floss Box design)

 Tiny Motif Tree (JBW designs)

 Snowflake 22 (Floss Box)

Snowflake 2 (Floss Box)

 Joy, Love, Peace (JBW designs)

 Herbert (Hand in Heart) and Snowflake 21 (Floss Box)

Green motif ornie and Green and red motif ornie (both from A New Beginning, Abbey Lane Designs)

Father Christmas ornament (TW)

Snowflake 11 (Floss Box)

Red motif ornie (from A New Beginning, Abbey Lane Designs)

Peacocks and Dragons (DMC/William Morris)

Wild Fairy Light (Who Knew!?!)

Assisi Knot Garden (Mary Hickmott)

Benjamin Bunny (XS Crazy)

Necessities Sampler (LHN)

V&A Eden (DMC)

Margaret (Torchon Lace, Biggins)

Dragon's Treasure (Gillian Brown)

Pooh and Friends Calendar (Designer Stitches/Jannlyn)

Piglet Bookmark (Designer Stitches)

Above the Clouds (TW)

{sorry, no photo :( }
Bob the Builder Birth Sampler (my design)

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