Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Getting close...

I did less stitching on Sunday than I hoped - I had a laundry disaster and needed to buy nre trousers (I think the old ones were just old, but when they came out of the washer they were, well, indecent..). So I had a mad, but successful M&S dash.

I got to stitching late afternoon, and made great progress with Benjamin. I've just got one bunny to go, and then all the BS. Why didn't I do the BS as I went along????

Last night I actually participated in the TW SAL, here's a pic of Fantasy Triptych. Amazingly I did all of that top rectangle of wall on the left in one night - about 2.5 hours total. This really flies when I actually stitch on it :lol

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Stitchy weekend

Well, it's rained so muich this week that even though it's been sunny this weekend we can't get out in the garden - the lawn is so waterlogged that we'd trash it if we started weeding, and it's still to wet to cut the grass. I really dislike clay soils... So we decided to have a lazy weekend - so spent yesterday watching DVD's, cooking, and of course I did lots of stitching. I've even got back into Benjamin Bunny, and made lots of prrogress, just 2 more bunnies and a hanky to go, then I'll be onto the BS. I wn't share a pic now, because a) hopefully I'll get lots done today and will share one later and b) I've not taken a photo yet :)

Ruth, just for you, here's a pic of the lunch/tea (I didn't post it before as I had too many photos to upload)

I tried to upload some more holiday pics, but Blogger isn't my friend today....

Did I mention my holiday stash purchases? I found a craft shop that was having a clearnace sale on xs supplies, it was moving in the knitting direction. While this general trend towards knitting really vexes me, I did get some bargains: a Art Nouveau florals chart by DMC, 2 hardanger booklets, TW's Chestnut rocking Horse (all for £1 each - bargain!!) and TW's In a Garden kit for £5. But best of all were the beads. On a shelf there was a basket full of beads, mostly Mill Hill, but some other brands too, with a label '4 for £1'. So I thought, hmm, good opportunity to get a good lot of stash for very little money, and started to rummage. Ed came over to help, and we decided to dig out 1 pack of each Mill Hill seed bead, which meant sorting through the basket. This took a LOT longer than expected, as the basket was almost TARDIS-like in proportions, but Ed vaiantly helped by checking I'd not picjked out any duplicates (it was raining heavily so this was a cunning way of staying dry too). So, when I counted up the non-duplicates there were 88 packes. I thought about going through them again but rationalised that a) they were a bargain 2) maybe the shop keeper thought I was bonkers c) Ed was probably quite bored by now and d) I@d only paid for 2 hours parking, I bought the lot. I've not had change to catalogue and sort them yet though...

Thursday, 10 July 2008

I'm back!

We had a lovely holiday in Cornwall, and (for the most part) the weather was brilliant. Over the next few days I'll share some pictures, but I thought I'd start with a stitching update. I took Benjamin Bunny with me - as he's an obligation piece with a pressing deadline I though he needed to progress the most. While on holiday I finished Benjamin on the top left, stitched the lavendar on the left and made a start on the red hanky (top right). We got back late on Sunday, but took Monday and Tiesday off work too, hoping to be able to garden - but the weather wasn't great, so I did a fair bit of stitching, this is where I got to last night:

One of my favourite days on holiday was when we visited St Michael's mount:

We had to travel there and back by boat, as the tide was in, but I got a shot of the causeway snaking along under the sea:

The boatman on the way over clearly had a sense of humour, as his fare list shows:

He even pulled a live lobser out of a bucket to show a girl sat opposite us - she was petrified (her mum didn't fare much better). He suggested it was his pet, but I suspect it was really his tea

The castle was fun - it's still lived in (I'd LOVE to live in a castle... just imagine...). We spied someone's roller blades and a skateboard at one point!! But the highlight was the gardens. The climate in Cornwall is so different to Yorkshire, and some of the plants were realy exotic, here are a small sample of my garden photos (I took loads!):