Thursday, 10 July 2008

I'm back!

We had a lovely holiday in Cornwall, and (for the most part) the weather was brilliant. Over the next few days I'll share some pictures, but I thought I'd start with a stitching update. I took Benjamin Bunny with me - as he's an obligation piece with a pressing deadline I though he needed to progress the most. While on holiday I finished Benjamin on the top left, stitched the lavendar on the left and made a start on the red hanky (top right). We got back late on Sunday, but took Monday and Tiesday off work too, hoping to be able to garden - but the weather wasn't great, so I did a fair bit of stitching, this is where I got to last night:

One of my favourite days on holiday was when we visited St Michael's mount:

We had to travel there and back by boat, as the tide was in, but I got a shot of the causeway snaking along under the sea:

The boatman on the way over clearly had a sense of humour, as his fare list shows:

He even pulled a live lobser out of a bucket to show a girl sat opposite us - she was petrified (her mum didn't fare much better). He suggested it was his pet, but I suspect it was really his tea

The castle was fun - it's still lived in (I'd LOVE to live in a castle... just imagine...). We spied someone's roller blades and a skateboard at one point!! But the highlight was the gardens. The climate in Cornwall is so different to Yorkshire, and some of the plants were realy exotic, here are a small sample of my garden photos (I took loads!):


Ruth said...

Lovely! Simply lovely -- both the stitching and the holiday photos. Although I must say I'm sort of sorry you didn't get a picture of the pet/tea. lol Love the sign though!

Good luck with Benjamin Bunny -- he's beautiful even if you do't really feel like stitching him.

Daffycat said...

Wonderful stitching got loads done. This is turning out so darling!

Your holiday looks like it was awesome...the photos are incredible. Welcome home!