Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rain, rain go away

Brrrrr, I'm not enjoying this cold, rainy weather. We've just had cavity wall insulation installed, so in theory the house should be toasty warm- but I clearly turned down the heat setting a bit too far!

It seems an age since I was in sunny, hot South Africa. Oh, wait... it is quite a while. And silly me hasn't posted any stitchy pics! I took this little kit to South Africa with me, and started it in the plane. The kit is 'two grey hills' by NP Designs. It's a lovely memento of our holiday to the American South West and I've found it hard to put down. I'm getting bored of the grey now, though, so have picked up something more complicated from my WIP pile :)

I've also taken a photo of my ORT jar. I've completely lost track of the TUSAl, but here it is. When do I need to try and post this again????

Anyway, if anyone else is experiencing the wrath of autumn, I guess they are also snuggled up inside, with a hot cuppa and some lovely stitching too! Happy stitching folks.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Under African Skies

This summer I've been lucky enough to return to South Africa for another research trip. I did work my butt off (honest), but I took one day off, and was treated to a trip to Pilanesberg Game Reserve. Marius acted as tour guide, and drive us to the park, showed us around some archaeological sites, and made sure we each had a set of binoculars so we could see the game...

Here is a selection of some of my best snaps. Bear in mind I only have a small point and shoot. And there is clearly a smudge on the lens...

Marius the 'Tour Guide' in the 'man cave' (men's area of the Iron Age site we were visiting - no women allowed!)

The tour group: Jenny's mum (Jane, if I remember correctly, jeesh brain cells, it was just over a week ago) Jolandie, me, Marius, Jenny



Pick nick South Africa style :)

Zebra (honest...)


Impala? I think... or maybe a springbok. We saw a lot of Bok!

Hippos. There were some crocodiles nearby too, but they didn't show up in my snaps (lol, sorry, can't resist)

We also saw a lion and an elephant, and many many other animals, birds a turtle and some fish in the lake, but either my photos were dreadful, or they were so far away that I didn't bother!

Anyway, I'll share a stitchy update soon.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Griffin and dragon

Well I'm back from South Africa. I'll write a post about my trip when I have more time!

I did get to the bottom of Gaelic Banner before I left, and I took a photo, but didn't have time to post it, so here it is: