Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Under African Skies

This summer I've been lucky enough to return to South Africa for another research trip. I did work my butt off (honest), but I took one day off, and was treated to a trip to Pilanesberg Game Reserve. Marius acted as tour guide, and drive us to the park, showed us around some archaeological sites, and made sure we each had a set of binoculars so we could see the game...

Here is a selection of some of my best snaps. Bear in mind I only have a small point and shoot. And there is clearly a smudge on the lens...

Marius the 'Tour Guide' in the 'man cave' (men's area of the Iron Age site we were visiting - no women allowed!)

The tour group: Jenny's mum (Jane, if I remember correctly, jeesh brain cells, it was just over a week ago) Jolandie, me, Marius, Jenny



Pick nick South Africa style :)

Zebra (honest...)


Impala? I think... or maybe a springbok. We saw a lot of Bok!

Hippos. There were some crocodiles nearby too, but they didn't show up in my snaps (lol, sorry, can't resist)

We also saw a lion and an elephant, and many many other animals, birds a turtle and some fish in the lake, but either my photos were dreadful, or they were so far away that I didn't bother!

Anyway, I'll share a stitchy update soon.


Giovanna said...

That must have been a great trip - glad you had a good time.

Monique said...

Yes it does sound like a great trip. We love going to the game reserves and its so nice to see someone elses percpective on how been here is.

Karoline said...

Sounds like you had a great trip