Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Some stitching

I've not had a huge amount of stitching time in the evenings, but when I have had chance I've been working on FT. The greenery at the bottom of the maid panel is done, and I've started the path:

Fantasy Triptych (c) Teresa Wentzler

Over the weekend we went to Birmingham to see Eddy's parents. Paul is much the same as ever, if a little less responsive. Margaret and I went out for lunch and shopping while Eddy and Paul watched the cricket and Rugby. It was a good job we went shopping, as I'd managed to leave the needle from Mini Greek Island with my emergency stitching in Nottingham last weekend... luckily John Lewis carries decent needles! In the evening we watched more rugby, and I worked on Mini Greek Island:

Mini Greek Island (c) Michael Powell

On Sunday we went out for lunch with Matt, Wendy and Molly, then headed back to Nottingham, where I picked up the Lincoln Cathedral piece again, and finished the trees on the right. Sadly I forgot to take a photo before I left!

With all the eating out that took place over the weekend, I was delighted to lose another lb at ww. Not quite 1.5 stone, maybe I'll manage that at my last weigh in before the holiday.

I'm amazed to see I now have 19 followers - thank you all, and thank you for your comments, they really do make me smile.


Karen said...

Love your TW....that will be beautiful when completed.

Giovanna said...

Great stitching on FT: I'm sure you must need loads of patience for all those confetti.

Z said...

Fortunate Traveller is looking great.

Angela said...

Looking forward to seeing these develop.

Sara said...

I love watching a TW come together. Good luck with the confetti, it will be worth it in the end.

indystitch said...

Great progress!

I've nominated you for a couple of blog awards. You can stop by my blog to pick them up!

Measi said...

I have Fantasy Triptych in my UFO pile... working on the same panel, in fact. I hope all goes well with the confetti stitching - it really is a challenge!