Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Purest Green

This last week or so I've been using lots of green. I'm continuing to knit my green cardigan (most of a sleeve and the collar to go...), and when I've been stitching I've been focusing on Gaelic Banner - which has come on in leaps and bounds!

I am REALLY enjoying this piece - how did I leave it untouched for nearly 2 years???

I also missed a new moon - here's my ORT jar in all it's glory. It was a lovely sunny day today, and the photo came out brilliantly - all the better because it's one of the first photos I've taken with my new iPhone 4. I upgraded from the iPhone 3G, and I can;t believe the difference. I can barely put the thing down....

This week is busy for me - the last week in work before we head off to Oregon for a fortnight. Too much work to do, and too much packing and sorting.... But tonight I'm putting my feet up and stitching!

If anyone knows any good crafty stores along the north Oregon coast, in Portland or Seattle, do let me know ;)

Happy stitching x

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Giovanna said...

Can't help with Oregon, sorry :-), but just wanted to say that those green scrolls are really beautiful. Have a great trip!