Saturday, 3 March 2012

Behind the scenes at the museum

This week has been pretty eventful. 2 days off work sick (neither too serious), FAR too much work to do, and (best of all) our latest museum exhibition, part of the You Are What You Ate project. 'The Dark Side of eating' opens today in Pontefract Museum!!! I popped over in the week - it's really weird seeing a gallery part way though change over. All of the structure was there, and Andrew and Dave were busy painting and - wait for it - wall papering!!! Modern museum exhibitions often print their panels onto wall paper, and then just paste them onto the walls!! I took some pics of the work in progress:

The first panel to go up - the introduction!

I'm sure the boys had it looking perfect by last night - I'm popping over again on Wednesday, and will take a few more photos then!

Despite all of this going on, I did find quite a bit of time for my stitching! I've almost finished all of the crochet flowers I've been doing to make a scarf - I've enough yarn left for one more grey flower:

I've also been carrying on with Eeyore's problem. I was actually really enjoying this piece last night! I'm more than 1/4 done, I'd like to get to half way before I switch to another piece - otherwise I'll never finish it!!

Happy stitching!


Giovanna said...

How exciting to be involved in a museum show! Love your Tigger and the crochet flowers.

Anonymous said...


just popping by your blog.

The museum show looks brilliant.

Your crochet is beautiful and Tigger is very sweet.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Very cool to see behind the scenes at a museum!

Those flowers are so pretty!