Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Quaker motifs

I took two projects to Oregon. I did finish the second heart from Moonstruck friends, but the photo I have just taken is really dark and blurry. So I'll share that later. The other project I took was Quaker Pin Cushions by Milady's Needle. I'm stitching all six of these on a piece of Belfast called 'Golden Harvest' - although I'm not sure who dyed it! I'm stitching the motifs in the recommended Belle Soie (so yummy to work with). I don't know how I'll finish them - I certainly won't be buying four wooden pin cushion bases! But I'll finish each on separately.

I missed the TUSAL at the start of the week. I took this shot on my dining room table - guess what other craft I've been indulging in since I got home!!!

I'm also still knitting my green cardigan. I'm finally doing the shaping at the top of the second sleeve. After that it's just the collar to go!

Happy stitching everyone.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Holiday packing

I finally made it to the end of term, which has been a long, tiring slog. My last day in work was Monday, and at 7am Tuesday we left for a holiday/conference in Oregon. Packing was a tad hectic!

Over the weekend I hunted through my stash to find a small project suitable to travel with, and decided on Heartstruck Friends by Midnight Stitching. I found all of the threads and a perfect piece of fabbie - mottled mauve by Jane Greenoff. And started stitching. Hmmmm. I finished the first one before we left!

I started the second piece on the transatlantic flight, and it's about 1/2 done:

The colours are more accurate in the bottom photo.

The weekend before we left it was Emma's birthday. Emma is a new convert to cross stitch, and especially loves the subversive cross stitch book and designs by Steotch. So I made her a scissor fob, and attached it to a lovely pair of scissors that I bought in Bruges last summer. I took a photo before I stitched it together, but forgot to take one of the finished article!

I've not stitched since we landed in Oregon, but I have fulfilled two life-long dreams.

To see the Pacific Ocean:

To paddle in the Pacific:

It was VERY cold, but fabulous!