Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New start

I have, predictably, been a tad busy of late! I have been crafting of an evening and weekend, but only by sacrificing my blogging activities. Which means it is ages since I have visited your blogs, but I do wonder how my blogging friends are getting on! Maybe this blogging app will help me get on top of things a little.

I've been working on my wips, especially the green cardigan I'm knitting - just have the collar to go! I've been working on some lace, but it's just a mass of pins, so not much fun to look at. I do have a piccie of my latest new start: a fairy by Maria vin Scharenberg (I don't have her to hand, can't remember her name). This is what I have done so far. I'm enjoying working on her, but the chart is HUGE and difficult to manoeuvre. And I've not had chance to photocopy it yet. Oh well....

Happy stitching folks