Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Viking Unst

Ok, now for a little archaeology! (and a shameless beg for votes)

Our university is a co-partner in the Viking Unst Project, the excavation of a Viking settlement on the most northern island in the UK. It's been nominated for a Heritage Lottery Fund award for 'best in heritage'and I'm asking blog readers to vote for it at:

I've just spoken to Zoe, one of the team who are currently en-route to Unst for the excavation. They left Bradford on Sunday, and are still 2 ferry rides away from Unst, apparently they missed a ferry this morning and are trying to pass the time skimming stones somewhere in the Shetlands. They'd really appreciate your vote.

Here is a pic of the excavation of a long house (courtesy of the Northern Atlantic Research Unit - That's why I phoned Zoe ;) ):

And this is a photo of their coolest find from last year, a small stone carved into a little man:


Daffycat said...

That is really cool! I cast my vote too!

Lindsay said...

All voted for