Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I had fun in Edinburgh, although had a few snags here and there! Work went smoothly, analysed a very, very interesting skeleton, which I hope to do more work on in the future... I had a migraine on Friday though, which really wasn't fun. I felt really nauseous, was 3 flights of stairs away from the nearest loo, and really needed to get lots of work done. The museum staff were wonderful though, and although we were kicked out of the store at 1pm (it closes early on a Friday) I got lots of useful stuff done.

On Thursday the archaeology store closed at 4, so I went for a wander. Sadly the LNS was closed when I got there at about 5pm, so no new stash (thank goodness says the visa card), but I had fun walking about and got a few nice photos:

The Royal Mile, with the Firth of Forth visible in the distance

Edinburgh Castle (from the back!)

These stands are for the Edinburgh Tattoo, but they reminded me of a Quidditch tournament...


Angela said...

I love Edinburgh. Husband and I used to go there every year but haven't been for a while. Now I'm into the Rebus books I can't wait to go back so as that I can visit all the places in the books. Might be waiting a while.

As a fellow migraine sufferer I felt so sorry for you being away from home when you had a migraine.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Edinburgh looks lovely!

Hope that migraine dosen't come back, as a sufferer since childhood I how hard they are to live with, and sometimes you have to just keep going.

Daffycat said...

ROFLOL Our seats for the Tattoo in 2006 were at the very top...on the cliff side. Made us rather green looking over. Quidditch indeed!