Friday, 16 October 2009

Happy Dance!!!

I finished Coffin Buzz (by Plum Street Samplers) on Sunday night, but haven't had chance to post all week:

The mistake is on the gaps between the writing - there should be 3 lines with no stitching between each line of writing, but somehow I mis-counted, and there are only 2 lines between 'sleeping body' and 'as lifeless'... but I'd done so much (and frogged so much) I decided to leave it.

Anyway, this is sitched on Sugar Maple Fabrics 32 count Lugana 'Summer's End' in Weeks 'Chestnut'. I'll get it framed and hang it at work - I'm a coffee fiend at work, but generally drink tea everywhere else. I blame the stress!!


Giovanna said...

Yaaay, congratulations on this lovely finish! I wouldn't have seen the difference in spacing without knowing about it - it looks great!

Daffycat said...

The Summer's End fabric is lovely as is the stitcing. Can't tell there is a miscount unless you look very close so I wouldn't fret over it. Please, refrain from pointing out the mistake to people admiring it at work...they will NEVER see it otherwise!

Karoline said...

It looks great Jo, congratulations

Lindsay said...

It looks fantastic Jo and I would never of spotted your little oops

Jade said...

Psst, if you make a little mistake, don't tell anyone! No one could tell your stitching isn't flawless unless you point it out yourself! Just lay back and enjoy the compliments. It's beautiful!