Saturday, 7 November 2009

TW stitching

Well, I think it's fair to say that the xs world or at least my little corner of it) was rocked by Teresa's announcement that she was giving up designing. I've made lots of comments about this on various BBs, so I'll just say I'm sad to know that there will be no new TWs released, but I've got plenty to keep me going. This is a tough time to make a living from many crafts, including designing.

Anyway, it was odd timing for me, as I had finally picked up FT again - I've not worked on it since our holiday to Wales! As you can see I've made significant progress with the Knight:

Fanstasy Triptych, by Teresa Wentzler

On Wednesday I came down with a flu/virus thing. Probably not swine flu, but I did have a temperature (and major shivers). I came home at lunchtime and curled up in bed, Thursday I was a little better and parked my bum on the sofa all day - I managed a little, supposedly simple, xmas stitching,but ended up frogging several bits - clearly the virus had affected the stitching part of my brain! Friday I was feeling mostly better, so went in to work and did some gentle admin!

Today has been a day of chores - I scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom, attacking areas of mold etc. We then replaced the toilet seat (a hinge had broken) and are in the process of resealing the bath. We then encountered unexpected areas of mold on a blind, and on the curtains in the spare room, and mildew in the spare wardrobe.... it's not a damp house, but we don't have a tumble dryer and we do get lots of condensation. I had a random idea about getting a dehumidifier about 2 hours ago... we had a look online, and I think we'll buy one tomorrow. Maybe that will solve the problem.

Right, back down stairs to pick up FT, watch some rugby and order takeaway pizza...


Lindsay said...

FT is coming along nicely.

Glad your feeling better

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm not really that surprised that TW has quit designing. I mean she really hasn't put out too much in the last few years, and mainly what has come out has been class pieces.

FT is looking fantastic.

Funny we just got a dehumidifier as well, started finding mildew in the house as well.

Giovanna said...

I'm so in awe of your FT - beautiful work! Glad you got over the illness so quickly.

Karoline said...

Great progress on FT, glad to hear you're feeling better