Saturday, 22 May 2010

Holiday stitching

I thought I ought to share some stitching...

This is the La-D-Da dragonfly I bought on holiday, and stitched while we were away - it was a freebie pattern, but they sold a little pack with everything needed to make up the pin cushion, apart form the stuffung. Needless to say I've not done the finishing yet!!

I took the Michael Powell kit with me on holiday... and I've done a little since we got back, I've now done all the xs, just need to do the half stitch sky and the bs. *just* :)

Now back to the holiday - we had an amazing day at Hoover Dam, and I have to say the full $30 dollar tour was well worth it!

View of the Colorado River. Taken through one of the vents half way up the dam!!!

I loved these signs...

Lake Mead

Eddy, with the new road bridge in the background

Hoover Dam

I'll try and add some more photos tomorrow!

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Giovanna said...

Amazing pictures of the Dam! Congrats on the La-D-Da finish, it's very pretty, and great going on the MP.