Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Lots of progress

Once again I gone into butterfly mode, flitting from one project to the next...

I've made lots of progress on Hedgerow Birds:

I've started a Sweetheart Tree biscornu (my first ever bis), but haven't really made enough progress to warrant a snap yet.

I made two more blocks of Amish Star. I've love the red/green block. Actually, they are both pretty nice, although the blue/green one is actually blue green and brown, my camera is doing a bad job of getting colours right...

And I made a little gift for Sarah, one of my PhD students who is heading back to the states this weekend. It's a Celtic knot design from Celtic Charted Designs by CO Spinhoven/Dover Press. I backed it with the fabric it's resting on. I finished it late yesterday and then dashed over to Chrissie's for Sarah's last stitch and bitch - where we had a lengthy discussion about who gave me the book. Chrissie and Sonia both said they had to book and might have LENT it to me, but I'm sure it was a gift... possibly from Sarah and Amy, from when Sarah was working at the Scottish Crannog centre - but none of us are very sure!! Anyway, Sarah loved it, and it will join a Highland Cow bookmark that I stitched her around about when she was in Scotland!

I'm still off work, but slowly getting back to rights. My mum is coming to stay for a few days - I need to leave for Leeds train station in about 10 minutes... I'm planning a trip to Texere Yarns as part of the festivities, as we're both trying to get (back) into knitting.... Told you I was flitting from project to project.

Oh yes, and as part of my stash buying at the weekend I bought some Quaker Cloth for my next TW start... It's a biggie!

Happy Stitching x


Giovanna said...

Lovely progress on the Birds! It's a fun project, isn't it? And oh my goodness, I've had that Spinhoven book for a couple of decades I think, and almost forgotten about it... must dig it out. The bookmark is smashing. And I'm curious about your new TW now :-)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Despite the flitting around your WIPs look great, lovely job on the bookmark!

Karoline said...

The birds are looking gorgeous, great progress.

The blocks and the bookmark are lovely.