Monday, 2 May 2011

Spring florals

Well I've been off work for 13 days, and over that time I've met up with my mum, aunt cousin and cousin's son for the day, visited Margaret in Birmingham, bought some lovely new clothes and some lovely new stash, had good friends over for dinner, and then a very old friend and her son over for lunch, and done lots and lots of gardening, stitching, knitting and quilting! The glorious spring weather has helped make this a fabulous break, and I've really enjoyed watching our plants grow, flowers start to bloom, and the lovely floral fabrics that is 'Rural Jardin'

So over the last few days of this fantatsic break I've been watching lots of snooker and other TV while quilting and knitting. My scarf is now 2/3 done - I've just started with the 3rd and final ball of yarn. Thankfully no frogging of late :) As it hasn't changed in any way other than length I won't share another photo!!

I've also been racing ahead with the Teacher's Pet quilt top. Yesterday I laid out all of the blocks to finalise the arrangement. The suggested one from the pattern didn't quite work:

So I switched the top left block with one left over (there are 2 spare blocks, which will be cushions - both are identical with lots of cream, so I am pondering an applique something in the middle of the large cream square, with either the pink or red fabric, as that is what I'll have left over! Last night I stitched the rows together, and today I stitched the rows to each other. This photo is of the main part of the quilt top all stitched together (taken with a flash - the photo I took yesterday is much more accurate in terms of colour):

I'm really pleased how it has turned out - not too bad for my first quilt top! With hindsight I would have picked another fabric from the Rural Jardin range, and used the plain cream/beige for the setting triangles and another patterned fabric for the squares in the blocks, but it's far too late now!! Next I need to cut out and add the three borders - pink, then cream, then pale blue. But not for a couple of weeks - it's back to work tomorrow (boo!) and next weekend we are away on a lacemaking/bobbin turning course. I spent some time today pricking out my pattern (a sampler of advanced Bedfordshire Lace techniques) and finding (almost) everything I need to take.

As it is now May it's time to review and set some goals... In April I wanted to:

1) Get A New Beginning past the half way mark Yes!
2) Work on another WIP Yes! - Eeyore's Problem
3) Start fruit bell pull YES!!
4) Select and buy a chart for Helene's birth sampler Yes - it's a Classic Pooh birth sampler, which was her first choice!
5) Make some lace Nope, not a single bobbin was touched (apart from winding some this morning, which doesn't count as it's a) not making lace and b) May...)
6) Do some knitting YES!!
7) Do some quilting YES!!

And I am pretty happy with that!

In May I'd like to:

1) Work on at least two xs WIPs
2) Finish knitting my scarf
3) Start Helene's birth sampler
4) Start to stitch something with the lovely goodies Karin sent me from her giveaway
5) Add the borders to my quilt top
6) Make some lace
7) Start my giveaway prize stitching, now I have the necessary supplies

Not much, eh?

Happy Stitching x


Giovanna said...

Gorgeous quilt - congrats on completing your first top!

Rhona said...

I like the way you list your goals for the month, I think I might do that too, so that i can see what I actually accomplish in the month. Nice job with the quilt!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful quilt top! I much prefer your layout to be honest. I'm looking forward to seeing it again once you have attached the borders