Sunday, 12 August 2012

Lots and lots of green!

The last 2 weeks I have been completely addicted to the Olympics. It's been on pretty much non-stop when I'm at home. I've loved the variety of sports, and it's been fun seeing team GB do well, and the entire country get behind them. Quite surprised by that, to be honest, as we are a nation of cynics and had assumed London 2012 would be dreadful. That said, I've not had to travel anywhere near London, or live through several years worth of tube upgrades in the run up to them - unlike my sister. That said, it turns out that she's been secretly impressed too!

So, what have I been stitching while it was on? Well, to finish of the Amish Star quilt I had to pop out and buy black thread. This was tricky, as I had to time it not to fall during an important sporting event. So I nipped out part way through the women's cycling road race, making sure I'd be back in plenty of time to see the finish. As for the actual quilting - well there were a few points when I had to break off mid pattern to watch a rowing race, or someone swimming.... But I did finish it before the end of my holiday:

Since then I've been focussed on Gaelic Banner. Sadly I was back in work on Monday, so my Olympic watching and stitching time declined rapidly... but I've made great progress. I'm now half way through the cross stitch:

I'm really looking forward to the Closing Ceremony tonight, and to the next stage in stitching - two cute little dragons!

 Goodness knows what I'll find to watch on TV next week...

 Happy stitching x

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Heidi Kuijer said...

Your Amish star quilt is gorgeous! Did you hand quilt it? Congratulations on a beautiful finish. And so to see a beautiful stitching finish will be in the cards with your Gaelic Banner.

Hugs from Holland ~