Tuesday, 19 February 2008

A crafty weekend

This weekend Ed had a conference in Sheffield, so we stayed with our good friends, Phyllis and Richard. Phyllis taught me bobbin lace making, so I packed prepared for a crafty weekend!

On Saturday moning I had a long overdue visit to my hairdresser - it's a little mad to still go to a hairdresser 1 hours drive away from where I live, but I've never found anyone as good locally.. 3 hours later I left the hardressers with a new haircut and highlights.

That afternoon, Phyllis, Richard and I went to Bakewell, so I could go to Wye needlecraft. I was very good, and only bought what I needed - fabbie for TW's Fantasy Tryptich - I decided on 28ct antique white Quaker cloth - it felt so wonderful it was worth the extra £2 or so. I also got a 27" scroll frame, as I didn't have one big enough for this piece, and some Weeks Dye Works floss, as I've never tried it before. We had tea and scones with my friend Helene - her mum lives in Bakewell, and it was a happy coincidence that we were both there on the same day.

In the evening I started a new travel piece, a V&A pin cushion with a pink tulip on it, but it was on Sunday that Phyllis and I managed to get out our lace pillows. I was working on Margaret, and finally turned the last corner.

Margaret 5

Phyllis started on her new piece for the Sheffield Lace Makers 35th Anniversary competion, with the theme 'coral'. She's making a collage coral reef, hopefully with the help of everyone who comes to her Tuesday night lace making group (I won't call it a class, as Phyllis doesn't consider herself a teacher).

Phyllis' lace coral

Eventually I conviced her to pick up her amazing Bedfordshire piece, which she started on a weekend course with Christine Springett:

Phyllis' Bedfordshire Lace

She'd not touched it for ages, and it took a while for her to get into it. I took a few photos of Phyllis' lace projects, which can be found in the same Webshots album as the other photos.

On Sunday afternoon Ed finally escaped the conference and the 4 of us had a lovely walk in Ecclesall Woods - and I saw my first ever treecreeper.

It was a lovely weekend, and the best part is that I will see R&P again next weekend, as it is a Sheffield Lace Makers working day.

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