Wednesday, 16 April 2008

A Happy Dance at 30,000 feet!

Well, I didn't quite make the 10 project challenge (to finish 10 projects before buying any more stash) - but I came very close. I like to think, that by finishing the 10th project before the stash made it into my house, I did actually complete the challenge - but technically it'd be cheating :)

Anyway, I finished Dragon's Treasure on my flight home from the states (so pleased you can take a needle on a fight in the states...). I really loved working on this, it was a really fun stitch, and I think the final piece is lovely. I still adore the dragons, especially the one in the centre, curled up and sleeping. I felt like that all day on Sunday as I fought (and beat) the jet lag. I managed to say up until 10.30, with just 2 short naps in the day, and got up as normal on Monday (although my brain was quite fuzzy all day on Monday).

The conference in Columbus was great - I caught up with lots of friends and colleagues, heard some great presentations and enjoyed the many receptions and meals out. It's back to the usual grind this week though, but there's just 2 more weeks of teaching before the examination period, so I am looking forward to getting more some research done.

On the stitching front, since returning I've been working on Assisi knotwork garden, which is progressing well. I'll share a photo of that late on in the week.

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tkdchick said...

Wooo Hoo I love your dragons they're fantastic!