Thursday, 24 April 2008

A New Start

I've been pretty busy at work this last week, hence little surfing/blogging time (and not a huge amount of stitching time). In fact I should be writing a paper right now, but my brain isn't in the right place just yet...

Anyway, on Sunday I decided it was time to finally start TW's Fantasy Triptych. So I dug out the fabric - a lovely piece of antique white Quaker Cloth - I've never used QC before, but it felt so wonderful it was worth the extra pennies. So I edged it and started to put it on my new, extra large, just bought for this project, scroll frame. Fabric was too big. Remembered I'd bought a fat 1/2 as this was easier than getting exactly what I needed. So on Monday I took it off the frame (I'd only done 1/4 of the attaching), trimmed the fabric, re-edged it and re-stitched the centre guide lines. Then I stayed up quite late attaching it to a frame (and yes, it did actually fit on a slightly smaller old scroll frame). grrrr.

Tuesday I got home late and was too tired to stitch, but I did start organising the floss (it was in a disorganised mess by this point) and worked out which symbol's I'd be starting with - I keep a mini list of symbols in use in a notebook when I do a TW - much faster than going back to the chart with each colour change.

Anyway, last night I was home at a reasonable hour and not too tired, so I thought 'great, will be able to get some stitches in'. Except a good friend called, and we talked for an hour (not really a hardship), and I'd forgotten to make a working copy of the pattern - oops. But, determined not to be held back any longer I manged to out in the first length of thread. I'm really happy that I've made a start, but obviously one strand of confetti stitching doesn't make a great photo, so that will have to wait.

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