Sunday, 3 August 2008

August goals & stitching update

Oooops, looks like I forgot to post goals for July on my blog. Luckily I did post them on Needle and Thread, so here's a recap:

July Goals

1) work on Assisi knot garden
2) work on wild fairy light
3) work on Benjamin Bunny Birth sampler birth
~I'd like to complete one of these pieces~

4) work on Fantasy Triptych on Mondays
5) Milanese lace on Thursdays

Well I worked on everything except Wild Fairy Light during July, but I didn't finish anything. But given I have quite a few pieces close to finishing, my goal for August is to try and finish as many pieces as possible! Those which are up for contention are:

1) Assisi knot garden
2) Benjamin Bunny
3) wild fairy light
4) Necessities sampler (I started this as part of the Little House Needleworks BB SAL)

On Mondays I'll work on FT, and on Thursdays I want to make progress with my lace.

I've already made progress with my finishing many projects goal. I finished this small piece which has been in my handbag as an emergency piece for months - I started it when we stayed with Phyllis sometime last year... I just can't remember why we stayed with her, or when that was!!

It's a Victoria and Albert/DMC kit, but I can't remember the name. I picked it up in a sale somewhere. It's for a pin cushion, but I've not decided if that's what I'll do with it. I'm not keen on the provided backing fabric, so I'll probably change it.

When I finsihed it I picked up Benjamin Bunny again. I've been working on it on and off for most of July. Here's a picture of where I'm up to:

Not far to go now - I expect a couple more good stitchy evenings and I'll be done. I need to figure out the wording though...


tkdchick said...

Your little finish is adorable!

Good luck on your goals!

Karin said...

I love the finish - Congrats@

Melissa33 said...

I really like your finish! Benjamin Bunny is looking brilliant. Is that an original design by you?

Thanks for the well wishes on the baby. We're pretty excited. We hope to hear the heartbeat next week. I'm still keeping an eye out on the ads for the next floss sale, I need to fill in a couple more holes in my collection.