Monday, 25 August 2008

Stitching Olympics 2008

After setting my goals for August I read about the 2008 Stitching Olympics on the wagon - and decided it would be great fun to join in the fun! I'm entering 2 'events' - 'sprint', in which I complete as many projects as possible (and therefore meet my August goals) and 'rotation relay', making sure I work on EVERYTHING i have started. I'm doing quite well for me, but no where near as good as the competition!!

Anyway, I thought I'd share some progress pictures. I've already completed a full rotation, and am working through my second run, here is where I'm at for Wild Fairy Light, Fantasy Triptych and Assisi knot garden:

I'll save an update pic for Benjamin Bunny, as I think I'll finish him tonight...

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Ginnie said...

Good progress on all! Love the Benjamin Bunny piece on previous posts. I think I have that chart too somewhere!!