Friday, 20 March 2009

Stitching progress...

Except not on what I was planning on focusing on for March! I am absolutely loving Mira's Waiting for Ships, I don't seem to be able to put it down. This is where I'm up to:

I'd have lots more done, but I don't have that Kreinik yet, so there are lots of gaps! I had planned to 'stitch a little' on this in March - oh well, progress is progress!

I have dome a little on Fantasy Triptych:

I am sure you can all see the difference the bs has made to the centre panel??? Hmm, it's more obvious IRL. I've also started the border. Given there is more border at the top that the bottom,with all of the wood tracery, I think this is probably about 1/4 of the way done. I'm hoping to make more progress with this over the weekend.

I have been going to Louise's to make lace on Thursdays, and that is progressing well (sorry, no photo, but it's just a turquoise blob at present), but I won't be able to make another Thursday this month. I've not touched any other goals yet... Hmmm, they are made to be broken aren't they???


Anonymous said...

Wow, that castle is impressive! I really admire you for tackling such a huge, complex project, and it's coming along beautifully. The mermaid's tale is looking pretty sexy too :-)

Arthemise said...

I love Fantasy Triptych! I really wany to stitch this one.

Andie said...

Your mermaid is gorgeous! :D Fantasy triptych looks great! Bet thats hard work!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow the tail on waiting for ships is just spectacular!

Wow fantasy triptych is wonderful!