Tuesday, 2 June 2009

June goals

It's June already??? what happened?

Last month I set some pretty ambitious goals, and did pretty well:

1) make progress on the border of FT - yes, I actually finished it!
2) bs Elliot and Buttons - most of this is done
3) do the finishing on my top secret project well I stitched the back...
4) stitch on another WIP - yes, Waiting for ships got a little love
5) finish the small lace project I started on Saturday - yes
5) make progress on my other 2 lace projects! - I did on the butterfly, but not on the sea creature

I also started 'coffin buzz'.

So what to do in June? I'm going to be a little more vague this month, apart from the first 2 goals, as I'm pretty busy at work and I'd like to have lots of flexibility!

1) finish Elliot and Buttons Wedding Day (hopefully this week)
2) do the finishing on my Top Secret Project
3) work on FT
4) work on at least one more WIP
5) work on at least one of my lace projects
6) maybe a new start?

had some lovely photos on her blog of a bridge in Georgia - it reminded me so much of my trip to Savannah, Folkston and Jacksonville for Amanda and Phil's wedding. It's probably not one of the ones I crossed, but it was very similar - thank you Dani!


Angela said...

Good luck with the goals.

I gave up on setting any as I never kept to them so I'm impressed by anyone who can stick to them.

Sara said...

Good luck with your goals!

I used to do them too but haven't had time to get them posted lately.