Sunday, 31 May 2009

A weekend of sunshine

It's been so lovely this weekend that I had to spend as much time outside as possible! We spent most of the time in the garden, either doing some general maintenance, trying to reduce the number of pots on the patio by planting a few things (getting better but we have a long way to go) and drinking endless glasses of water and cups of tea. And the ice cream van conveniently passed by each days - I think we age ice cream van regulars! As we didn't do anything major I don't have any photos of big changes, so I thought I'd share this lovely bearded iris. We didn't even know it was there - although we probably had leaves last year it certainly didn't flower!

There's another one coming in to bud at the end of the garden - I'm curious to see what colour that one will be!

I did manage a little stitching, finishing the back of my top secret project, and also back stitching Elliot and Buttons Wedding Day. I was hoping to finish this in May, maybe if I do nothing but watch TV and bs this afternoon I'll make it, but I doubt it! It's an anchor kit, which means the bs NEVER seems to go in at a corner of a stitch. The finished effect is lovely, but it's a PITA to do... Anyway, here's a (terrible) photo of where I'm up to so far:

Happy stitching!


Angela said...

Lovely stitching. So envious of your Iris which only die in my garden after the first year of planting.

Anonymous said...

You're doing great on the wedding picture! And your iris is spectacular, wow!

Dani - tkdchick said...

You know you may of gone on one of the bridges like I've got picutred on my blog. It wouldn't be the one leading to St.Simon's island (its off the beaten path) but area is peppered with them and I know there was one just like it in Jacksonville.