Saturday, 25 July 2009

How does your garden grow???

Well, with all the rain we've had recently, very well indeed!! Here are some photos of our veggie garden. If you remember we only built the raised beds at Easter:

The raised beds...

Front to back: potatoes, carrots, parsnips, fennel and purple sprouting broccoli

Artichokes.. I counted 30 heads today, but some are smaller than my finger nail!

We are eating our favourite artichoke dish - artichokes and peas (it sounds better in Greek) for tea tonight, the first of the artichoke harvest. Sadly we've not grown enough peas!

Life has been very busy over the last few weeks, especially at work. Last weekend my old school friend, Leanne, came to stay. Given we first met when we were five, it's amazing we still have stuff to talk about! We went shopping, had a lovely dinner cooked by Eddy, then the next day went to Harrogate - and had afternoon tea at Betty's. Yum!

This week I was in Norwhich for 2 days, then worked late Thursday, and last night I went out for Pizza and to see Harry Potter to celebrate Nivien's birthday... so I've not done much stitching. But last Sunday I did start You Were Hatched:

I'm missing a couple of colours (HOW????), but will buy them when my next credit card bill is issued!

Here's a photo of Waiting for Ships, which I was working on the week before:

Last time I posted a photo of her it was May!! I've made quite a bit of progress since then.

Happy stitching x


Lindsay said...

That's alot of veggies. Glad you've started hatched :)

Karoline said...

The garden is looking great! Both wips are looking lovely

Daffycat said...

Wow, your gardens are lucious ~ well done!

Anonymous said...

Great WIPs! "Hatched" has such lovely colours.

Sara said...

Your veggies look great as does your stitching! You've been very busy!