Thursday, 17 September 2009

Happy Dance!!!

Just a quick post to share my Happy Dance! - this birth sampler is based on 'you were hatched', with a little bit of 'needle guardian' thrown in for the personalisation:

A huge thank you to Lindsay, who very generously gave me the chart for you were hatched, and the necessary skein of dinky dies.

I tried out the new John James needles, and loved them. But I'm too tired/busy for beading, so didn't get very much further with Waiting for Ships. Anglea asked which fabric I am using. WFS is stitched on PTP's 'fathom' cashel linen - I saw the fabric while in the States a few years ago, fell in love, bought it then hunted down the 'right' mermaid pattern. It just yelled 'mermaid' at me the moment I saw it... I was actually looking for something to stitch Dracolair's Phoenix on at the time!

I've pulled out Barbara Thompson's Peacock Firescreen again, as I wanted something easy to stitch during my conference (1 day to go.... only 140 delegates. Hopefully I didn't forget anything???).


Jade said...

Wow, looking great, congratulations and dance on!

gio162 said...

Congratulations, it's stunning!

Daffycat said...

Oh wonderful finish, Jo!

What a great community of stitchers we have. Their generosity and caring knows no bounds.

Lindsay said...

It looks fantastic Jo, Congratulations

Karoline said...

It's gorgeous Jo, congratulations

Angela said...

Great finish.

We have a family birth due in April I'm tempted to stitch this myself.