Monday, 18 January 2010

Pat Progress

This weekend we made a flying visit to my parent's, via the framing shop in Lincoln, where I picked up a few things - which I'd left to be framed back in October... luckily they know me in Speed Frame (I've been using them for nearly 20 years I guess), and they know we travel there from Leeds, so there was no problem. I've not had time to take pics yet though.

I took Postman Pat with me - I've been working on this since Friday (before pic here), and have made some good progress:

I'm not a fan of stitching blocky areas on aida, so he's getting a little tiresome, but I am determined to finish him this month... Hopefully this week I'll finish his feet, his other hand, and mnake progress with his neck/face. I still need to chart the personalisation, but that won't take too long.

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and comments on the last post. I think it would have been much scarier had Eddy been back in Nottingham as he should have been - thankfully for me he was also off sick (tonsilitis), so I wasn't on my own... now that WOULD have been scary! All better now :)


Angela said...

Postman Pat looks good. I know what you mean about big blcoks of colour, they can get tedious. One of the resons I haven't picked it up for ages.

Giovanna said...

He's going to be cute! Glad to know you're better.

Daffycat said...

Your Postman is huge! You've made great progress!

I much prefer evenweave or linen but if I must stitch on aida I console myself with how perfect the stitches are on it!

anne marie said...

It was a pleasure to discover your blog and see so many gorgeous embroideries.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I think you can certainly get Pat done before the end of the month!

Good luck with your WW commitment! Stick with it, it does work... despite my intermitent lamenting over my gains!