Sunday, 1 August 2010

August goals

I've not got any photos to share - I've been focusing on the garter this week, and as it's a repetitive pattern, the photo would look the same as in the last post about it!

Because of the need to focus on the lace garter, I kept my July goals simple:

1) work on at least 2 WIPS - yes - Fantasy Triptych and Sunflower Charms
2) complete 25 inches of lace - I've done just over 24 inches, but my lace goal has changed, which I'll explain in a bit...
3) stitch an ornament - yes, I stitched Santa's Buddies
I also worked on Tulip Scissor Keeper by Sue Hawkins

August goals:
1) finish Krista's garter
2) work on Fantasy triptych
3) finish Sunflower charms
4) work on another WIP
5) stitch an ornament

I'm going to finish the garter this week. When I started it, I asked Krista to measure her thigh. She emailed back 19 inches. About 10 days ago I got thinking, and decided that sounded quite big for Krista (who is about a UK size 6-8/US size 2-4). So I measured my thigh, and got 21 inches. After stewing about this for a few days I asked Krista to double check the measurement - which is now 17 inches (as she said herself - either she can't use a tape measure or she's lost a ton of weight very quickly!!). So 1.5 x 17 is 25.5 inches of lace. As the pattern repeat is close to an inch I decided to make a little more than 25.5 inches - so 26... which is 2 inches and ONLY 2 PATTERN REPEATS from where I am now... the end is in sight!!!!!

I'm hoping to finish making the lace on Wednesday, ready to join the ends, sew the threads into the lace and add some elastic and ribbon. I'm trying to use 'magic threads' to make all of this easier - basically I have coloured loops of thread worked into my lace, so at the end I just pass a bobbin through a loop to pull the bobbin thread through the start of the lace, tie the pair off, then use more magic threads to loop each thread again and pull it back through the worked lace. Simple. In theory. I've never tried it on something of this scale before though... wish me luck!!!!


Angela said...

Well done on your July goals and good luck with the August ones.

Sara said...

Good luck with your August goals and the garter! It's very pretty and I can't wait to see a finished pic.

Heidi said...

Great job with your goal for July. And oh that lace is beautiful. Did you know that I also make bobbinlace? How wonderful to make a garter yourself. I can understand what you are doing to tie of the end together. We use a very small crochet hook and attach the thread through the start and tie it off. Does that make sense? That is how I learned it from my lace teacher.

I cannot wait to see your pictures when it is finished.

Hugs from Holland ~