Monday, 13 September 2010

Monday meltdown

Today was, well, one of THOSE days. I left work at 7pm, having achieved very little, and feeling totally p***ed off with the world.

I got home and checked the post, and received this wonderful scissor fob from Heidi:

Thank you Heidi, this completely changed my day from pretty depressing to delightful in 5 seconds flat!! It is absolutely gorgeous. And the little Singer sewing machine on the end is absolutely perfect - I have a lovely antique Singer sewing machine that Eddy bought me for Christmas one year:

It was to replace the sewing machine that I had from my Grandma when she died. It had been converted to electric - but sadly developed a fault and gave my sister a nasty electric shock, so my parents got rid of it. I'd always missed the machine, as it is the wonderful 1920s Tutankhamen version - which suits me well given I'm an archaeologist! Isn't the painting lovely:

So thank you Heidi for cheering me up after a bad day!! The fob is perfect - thank you!!


Giovanna said...

That's a wonderful fob - good for you!

Heidi said...

Hi Jo! Just back from vacation and happy to find that I brightened an otherwise bad day! Made the fob a double gift that way. :-) I am so glad you liked it. Every scissors needs to be

Hugs from Holland ~