Wednesday, 1 September 2010

September goals

Well as usual as soon as the schools start to go back, the sun remembers it's actually not Autumn/Winter, and comes out to play. Which I'm happy about as I'm still off work :)

Not done a huge amount of stitching today - I went to weight watchers with Louise, unsurprisingly I put on 1/2 lb - not bad after all the food I ate over my weekend away. Lou came over for tea - Eddy cooked us two lovely veggie curries, with rice and naan bread. Afterwards we made a little lace. And I mean a LITTLE... too much giggling and chatting for serious progress!

Anyway, I popped on here to review my August goals, and set new ones. In August I aimed to:
1) finish Krista's garter - yes, and it arrived in time to get to the wedding!
2) work on Fantasy triptych - yes
3) finish Sunflower charms - yes
4) work on another WIP - did a little on Peacock Firescreen
5) stitch an ornament - yes, LHN's Winter Sampler

I also did a little quilting, knitted half a scarf and started Pooh and Eeyore.

In September I would like to:
1) Finish the xs on Fantasy Triptych
2) Work on Pooh and Eeyore
3) Stitch an ornament
4) Make good progress with my lace
5) Finish my scarf
6) work on another WIP

I'm starting to look towards the end of the year, and what I'd like to have finished... we'll see how that goes. I'm going to focus on one piece for the most part, with other stitching in there for a break. I'd like to finish FT and another WIP, maybe Wild Thyme Fairy, by the end of the year if I can.

Happy stitching everyone :)


Jennifer (Avivah) said...

I love goals - to modify Douglas Adams, I especially love that swooshing sound they made as the deadline flies by.

I applaud you for even making goals.

Heidi said...

As you know, this year has been setting goals for me too. I see now that it has really helped me reduce my UFOs which is great. The more I finished, the more I wanted to finish. Picked up another one yesterday.

I think you really did accomplish a lot in one month. I am sure this coming month will see the same. But watch your mailbox Your fob is on its way.

Hugs from Holland ~