Saturday, 2 October 2010

October goals

well I knew finishing the xs on Fantasy Triptych was a long shot. I might have managed it, but Thursday night I helped a friend move house, rather than coming home and stitching, which completely kyboshed any attempt to get it done! Last night I did the maiden's hair and dress, and now just need to do the over 1 (I'm going to convert her hand to over one) and the speciality stitches - which technically means I've now completed the xs!!!! Woooooo!!!

Anyway, it's time to recap September's goals:

1) Finish the xs on Fantasy Triptych - close, but no banana...
2) Work on Pooh and Eeyore - yes
3) Stitch an ornament - nope
4) Make good progress with my lace - I made progress, but I wouldn't call it good!!
5) Finish my scarf - nope
6) work on another WIP - not that I remember...

Now term has started, life gets hectic again, so I need to be a bit more realistic... yeah right!!! So here are October's optomistic goals:

1) Finish FT
2) Finish my scarf
3) Knit 2 chunky scraves for a charity event - for Cancer UK a group of knitters are trying to knit enough scarves to fit around the walls of York... more on this to come!!!
4) Stitch an ornie
5) Work on another WIP
6) Buy my 3 stone lost stitching treat

Lets see how I get on!!

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