Saturday, 16 October 2010

Stash shopping and stitching

This week has been particularly busy, and I've not had a huge amount of time to stitch. When I have had time I've not felt like using the large frame FT is on, so I've still not quite finished - just the beads to go now!! I had a sudden emergency on Wednesday when I realised I didn't have enough beads, so I put in an order to sewandso for the beads and a few skeins of speciality threads, for ornies in the JCS 2010 ornament magazine.

I've done quite a bit more of Pooh and Eeyore, but still have some xs to do, before all the detailed BS, which really brings this piece to life:

I also started an ornament, for the 2008 JCS magazine. I bought all the stash for this in Las Vegas back at Easter... any idea what the nondescript brown blob might be?

Today was the Pudsey Not Just Lace Fair, which of course I had to go to as it's just up the road!! Phyllis stayed with us overnight last night, as she was organising the Lace Guild's stall. She went to the hall at about 8.45 this morning. Sonia came over at 10.30 and we headed over, missing the doors just open rush. Eddy came along too. I bought myself some lovely bobbins, one antique leopard (left), three from Margaret Wall (middle) and five from Stuart Johnson (right).

I also got lots of spangles (beads) - enough for all the bobbins I have that are unspangled, including all of the ones Eddy made in May. Both Stuart and David Springett asked Eddy if he was still wood turning (we don't have a lathe - or room for one - though!). Eddy bought me a pretty bobbin for Christmas, and I got him a wood turning book by David Springett. I also bought myself a 24" round pillow (much more suitable for Bedfordshire Lace than my current pillows), and this adorable little duck pin cushion:

All in all, great fun!! And now I am going to drink my cuppa (which will have cooled down perfectly while I was writing this) and pick up FT and get those beads on. I fully expect another Happy Dance today.

Thanks for popping by!


Avivah Smith-Nelson said...

the pooh pic looks a little, um, how do you say... adult? Maybe it needs a few more stitches.

Theresa said...

I love your new bobbins Jo - especially the one with the spots at the end! Also, FT looks wonderful in your most recent post :)