Sunday, 27 March 2011

Harrogate Lace Event

Yesterday was a fabulous day of stash enhancement!! Eddy and I met Sonia at the Harrogate Lace event a little after 10 and hit the stalls. It was a lovely day - I've been making lace long enough that I've started to know some of the 'crowd' - it was lovely to catch up with Stuart and Sue Johnson and Christine and David Springett (the team behind the May lace course we go on), then Jane and Agnes (plus their husbands) who also come along in May. And lots of people from Sheffield Lace Makers - and especially Phyllis' gang - Margaret, Kath, Di and Barbara - and Phyllis of course!!

So we spent as much time chatting and catching up as we did shopping. Eddy really enjoyed himself too - he can't wait until we can work out how to get a lathe for him - he really enjoys turning bobbins! He was also in an extremely generous mood, and bought me a lovely present of stash from one of the stalls, plus I joined a bobbin a month club - and the first three bobbins for that are part of a Christmas present from a few years ago!

So what did I get... I bought some bangles for making lace Christmas ornaments, some ribbon and pins, a glass paperweight to pop my Bedfordshire flower in, some new plyers and cutters for spangling and some huge bobbins for making large scale lace with different fibres (like wool or ribbon). Eddy bought me the lovely rainbow wood knitting needles, scarf pattern and skein of 2-ply alpaca (yup, definitely going to give large scale lace a try - I just need to buy some more of the large bobbins!!), and I bought the rainbow wood crochet hook as a present for Louise.

I also bought some beautiful bobbins from (left to right) Acorn bobbins, 2 by Stuart Johnson, I can't remember who did the next one, Margaret Wall, three unspangled bobbins by Malcolm Thorpe. Sonia bought me the one on the right, which is by Sarah Jones and which says 'making lace is making friends'. The spangle on the far right is by Margaret Wall, and all proceeds are going to Comic Relief! The four buttons are by Stuart Johnson (one will go on my new cardy when I finish it), and Eddy bought me the four dividers by Brian Goodwin.

After all that shopping we went to Fodder (a lovely farm shop/deli/cafe) for a lovely (if slightly late) lunch, and bought lots and lots from the shop...

Last night I worked on Holiday Holly Biscornu - I'm about half way through the second side now:

Today we went to two garden centres and did some gardening - my roses are all pruned an ready for summer now.

Happy Stitching :)


Zoe said...

Love the start of the Holly project- the fabric is so pretty and sparkly!

Giovanna said...

Lovely stitching!! And the lace event sounds like great fun.

Heidi said...

Oh Jo...what a wonderful thing to have this kind of lace event near you. Everything looks wonderful. You will have fun doing the lace with wool. My friend is doing her second scarf and I need to set mine up but we just started another Christmas ornament this week together.

The stitching looks soooo pretty. Don't you love doing Christmas at other times of the year?

Hugs from Holland ~