Tuesday, 1 March 2011

March goals

It's that time of the month again....

February in review:
1) Finish sewing in the threads on the Bedfordshire flower, and also complete a lace ornament I have almost done yes to the flower, no to the ornamant. Disgracefully really, as it is so close!
2) Work on another lace project nope
3) Work on Hedgerow Birds yes, lots!
4) Work on another WIP no, but did start and finish a bookmark, and started a biscornu
5) Do some quilting yes, 2 more blocks done
6) Maybe start some knitting and this is where I did a lot - knitted 1 scarf, started another scarf, and knitted about 1/2 a cardigan!

So what would I like to achieve in March?
1) Finish Hedgerow Birds
2) work on another WIP
3) knit the rest of the cardigan
4) make some lace (anything would do)
5) do some quilting
6) start TW's Fruit Bell Pull, now I have all of the supplies
7) I would also really like to get more of the biscornu done, but I've found the 32ct fabric hard on my eyes (which is unusual for me), so we'll see

And if I do achieve all that it will be a miracle!

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