Sunday, 12 February 2012

Stitchy weekend

After a busy week at work - which started, fabulously, with a promotion and pay rise - this weekend I've had nothing much planned - other than my crafts of course!

I've been flitting between crafts based on what is on TV, which goes something like this:

TV I want to watch - Peacock Firecreen
TV with subtitles - green cardigan
TV I'm not fussed about (i.e. the 6 nations) - quilting

It's working quite well! I'm enjoying the variety of crafts, and I'm focusing on the three projects I really want to finish soon! Does anyone else find that certain types of craft suit certain types of TV? I find it hard to separate TV and crafts - I don't like crafting in the quiet, and I really can't settle down to the TV without my hands being busy doing something - If I can sit and watch TV without a craft on the go, then I'm either ill or extremely tired!

Anyway, I took these photos of Peacock Firescreen yesterday evening, when I was rolling it on the frame - so the photos are when I hit the 1/2 way point. I'm heading towards 3/4 of the BS now... getting close!!!

So what about today - well, pretty much the same as yesterday. Without the need to go to the supermarket or vacuum, which means even more stitching time. Yeah!

Happy Stitching x


Sandra said...

Peacock FIrescreen is looking great, a finish is not far away! I'm a bit like you when it comes to TV, can't just sit and watch, in fact I listen to the TV more than watch it lol

Sue said...

Peackock Firescreen is looking fabulous. Congratulations on your promotion. I'm with you on the tv. I can't sit and just watch. We are watching The Mummy @ the moment and I am crocheting a dishcloth as pages download. lol Different crafts really do go with different TV shows. When Le Tour de France is on, I knit a really simple scarf. It seems to be the more interesting the programme, the simpler the craft. I only do hand craft in front of the tv. If I am on the sewing machine I can't even listen to music.....I can't concentrate on either! lol

demeter83 said...

Looks absolutely great. And I know what you mean about TV and crafting. I don't have different crafts for different TV, but I don't like just sitting and watching, so I always like to be stitching at the same time.

Phynix said...

Like you I can't just sit and watch tv without doing something else. I fall asleep otherwise. So I do find working on crafts and TV go together. I just do cross stitch or knitting when watching TV. I even taking knitting that involves no count to the theater with me. It is usually my End all scarfs. These things are great for in the dark knitting as they often have no rhyme or reason to them they are just the ends of my yarn so I don't waste them! And often made to donate to charity to keep someone warm. lol.

The peacock is amazing I loving ever moment of you posting it to your blog I am just in love with it and keep thinking how one would get the pattern and how I would change all the colours to that of a Phoenix? lols

I can't wait to see you done the back stitching I am sure this piece will be amazing in a frame!

Blu said...

I can't stitch without listening to music or audiobooks. I've never tried TV (mostly because I just don't watch any) but I think I'd be too distracted looking to stitch.

PF is looking great. The backstitch really makes it pop.

Giovanna said...

Hey, huge congrats on the promotion! I love how your Firescreen is growing, beautiful!