Monday, 11 June 2012

Best butterfly

A few weeks ago I went to the working day and AGM for Sheffield Lace Makers. Each year, we have a competition. Any piece of lace completed in the last 12 months can be entered, so I put in my Bedfordshire butterfly, and the Bedfordshire leaf motif that I finished the other month. All of the lace on display was beautiful, some pieces were huge, some pieces quite simple, yet beautifully done with amazing use of colour. Some was modern, some tradition. Some was highly complex, others quite simple in terms of the stitches. What I did NOT expect was to win the Norma Munday Prize!! Norma described my lace as 'exquisite', which I really can't believe. This tells me that the classes I'm taking each May with Christine Springett have really, really improved my technique. Anyway, here are a couple of pics:

I'm still working pretty much exclusively on gaelic banner - I'll post another photo of it soon!

Happy stitching x


Fee said...

Well done Jo, that must have been a lovely surprise. Your butterfly does look fabulous but I am not a lace maker so not in the know!


Avivah Smith-Nelson said...

Congratulations! It's a beautiful piece!

Avivah Smith-Nelson said...

Congratulations! It's a beautiful piece!

Giovanna said...

Congratulations! It looks gorgeous to my untrained eye :-)

Karoline said...

Congratulations! Your butterfly is gorgeous

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Exquisite is definitely the word for the beautiful butterfly!