Monday, 21 April 2014

Night Happy Dance

I've been busy travelling with work again, hence the lack of posts. After the trip to Slovenia and Croatia I've been to a conference in York, a meeting in London, a PhD viva in Copenhagen and two conferences in Canada. Good job I love to travel!

I've been taking Peacock Majesty along as my travelling piece, but as you can imagine progress has been slow.  I have now finished the bottom half of the project though:

When I've been at home I've been focussing on Maria Sharrenberg's Night, which I finished just before the trips to Copenhagen and Calgary. I was so busy travelling I nearly forgot to happy dance!

I got back at 10pm Monday, delayed by 13 hours due to a cancelled flight. I did not expect to eat my dinner in Amtserdam on Monday! (London to Amsterdam to Leeds in neither logical nor fun, but it was that or spend the night at Heathrow).

I was back in work the following morning, but luckily the long day on Monday was a great way to get over the jet lag quickly! We get Friday, Monday and Tuesday off for Easter at the University. Friday I mostly slept, and Saturday I had a headache, but on Sunday I was sufficiently relaxed to start a new project - which I finished this morning. This is Summer Stars Pincushion from A Stitcher's Journey by Blackbird Designs. I substituted the pink from Woodrose to Antique Rose, as I didn't have the former in my stash. Caramel Corn was too close in colour to the fabric, so I switched that with Aged Pewter. I'm really pleased with the result. It's stitched on 30ct Sheep's Staw by R&R Reproductions.

I hope everyone is havinga lovely Easter break, and managed to find some stitching time :)


Rhona said...

You certainly have been doing a lot of traveling...lucky you! Love your stitching, they all look great.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congratulations on your happy dance for Night, she is so beautiful.

The Quaker Stars are a nice contrast to her! Quick and simple but very effective.

Melissa said...

My that IS a lot of travelling. No wonder you've got a massive project to occupy that time :) Peacock is one of my dream stitches and I can certainly appreciate how intricate it is. Thank goodness the bottom is done ;)

Karoline said...

Gorgeous finishes and great progess on your peacock

Giovanna said...

Congrats on the two finishes, they're very pretty - that's the nice thing about that star design, you can pick any thread for it :-) Nice going on the TW too.

Karlie said...

You do such beautiful work, especially on linen! That Gaelic banner is something else as well, phenomenal work.

I was wondering about the cute little Winnie the Pooh birth sampler you did in 2011. I'm trying to make one for my son, to go with his sister's Beatrix Potter one, but the kit has long been out of production, and none have ever shown up on ebay, in the months I've been looking. Do you still have the chart? If you don't feel comfortable sharing the chart I totally understand, and I've largely recreated it in excel, but I was wondering if you have the floss colours that are used especially on Pooh. I'm really struggling to find matches.

Some of your pieces remind me of a few cross-stitches created by some ladies in Victoria, BC Canada. This is one of the Christmas ones: I'd like to try it some day but sadly the kits are out of my reach financially for now!