Sunday, 11 May 2014

Beautiful birdie

I wanted a change from Peacock Majesty (NB: it is the TW petite, NOT the full peacock tapestry). So I decided to work on some Blackbird Designs pieces. After doing the simple Quaker pin cushion in my last post I decided to work on Spring's Song from the Mary Ann Blackburn booklet. I love that every tenth row, a length of thread is pulled put of the linen and replaced with blue, to mimic the 'training linen' in the original sampler. I decided to do this 8 times, not just 6 as in the model, so the pattern extends to the edge of the piece. It's been quite a quick stitch, and I kept forgetting to post pics. This is where I am up to, just the top border to go:

Sorry for the crumpled linen, I'm stitching this one in-hand!

I've also finished-finished Rose Garden (a while back, but failed to share), here's a quick photo. It's resting on the fabric I used for the backing.

I've just got back from an epic shopping trip to buy myself a new (slightly larger) ball gown. My friend Julia helped me pick one that's outside of my comfort zone but stunning. Can't wait for Friday now. Of course I'm now shattered so it's time to put my feet up, have a cuppa and do some stitching!

Happy stitching folks x


Dani - tkdchick said...

Rose garden is beautifully finished!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The blue threads is an interesting technique I have not heard of before. It certainly beasts having to buy special fabric!

I love Rose Garden and the backing fabric too.

Karoline said...

They both look gorgeous

Sara said...

Love your Rose Garden, it's finished beautifully!