Friday, 30 May 2008

Fantasy Triptych Progress

Over the last week or so I've been focusing on TW's fantasy Triptych, so I thought I'd share a progress photo:

Last night there was no lace class, so Sonia and Louise came over to mine - we had a good laugh, ate some wonderful Dutch syrup waffles (thanks Sonia!) and made some lace. The Milanese piece I started last week progressed well. I taught myself how to do a 'Meander in Braid', including a turning stitch (new to me) using the book, and we were all impressed with the results. I am intrigued where the pairs go, and think it would be fun to try a short bit using coloured threads to track their progress. Anyway, here is a photo of what I've done so far - not bad considering it's only c.4 hours work and the technique is new to me:

The good news is that I've only snapped 1 thread so far....

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