Sunday, 1 February 2009

February Goals

I did quite well this month:

1) start a new project on the first - I started sonata
2) finish Phoenix - oh look, I did that already :)
3) finish sonata (well it's going so quickly!!) - yes, finished it last week
4) spend the remaining Mondays with TW's Fantasy Triptych - I missed the Monday I was in Cheshire, but spent quite a few extra nights on FT in the middle of the month
5) work on Las Vegas - yes, but there's a problem, which I'll explain in a bit
6) start something new (guilt-free January remember) - started Mirabila's waithing for ships
7) organise birth sampler for Monty and possibly start that too (see note above). - started this yesterday
I also completed my lace project, and started an ornie

As I said above, Las Vegas is a bit of a problem. 18 months ago my friend Jane got married in Vegas, and I said I'd do a wedding sampler for her. She wanted a picture of Vegas, and (not finding anything at all available commercially), I used a friend's XS software to create a chart from a photo. I decided to stitch it over 1 on black lugana, but I underestimated the scale of the project. Quite frankly, 8 pages of over 1 is a much bigger commitment than I'm really prepared to make. Plus it's all confetti stitching - not exactly fun (although I love the confetti on a TW - maybe it's just the piece?). I spent 2 weeks solid working on it this month, I've still not done 1/4 page, and it doesn't look that great anyway. So LV is being abandoned for somehting more practical. This is the first time I'll have not finished a project, so it's denting my pride. A LOT. But stitching is a hobby and should be fun - even when it's obligation stitching - by comparison I'm loving the birth sampler for Monty. I want Jane to get a gift from me that I enjoyed making to give her, not something that's driving me insane...

So, new Feb goals:
1) finish the centre panel on FT
2) finish birth band
3) finish ornie and start another small
4) work on Waiting for Ships
5) work on Peacock Firescreen
6) start new lace project
7) pick out a new wedding sampler for Jane

Nothing like optimism, is there?

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